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Catégorie: Utilitaires de désinfection (Anti-Virus spécifiques)
Editeur: F-Secure
Version: 1.0

Configuration minimale: Symbian Series 60

Licence: Freeware (Gratuit)
Langue: LANGUE

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Descriptif VirusTraQ:

F-Locknut est un outil de désinfection pour SmartPhones Symbian Series 60 spécifique au cheval de Troie nommé "Locknut.A" alias "Gavno.A" ou "Gavno.B".

Descriptif éditeur:

The F-Locknut utility disinfects Series 60 smartphones infected with Locknut trojan variants and other trojans that use the same technique.

Please note that this tool is not an antivirus product. It just restores the phone functionality so that the user can install an antivirus application.

For antivirus protection, use F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus, which offers real time protection against harmful content and automatic wireless updates.

F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus is available from http://mobile.f-secure.com

Disinfection procedure:

1. Install F-Locknut into infected phones memory card with a clean phone

2. Put the memory card with F-Locknut into infected phone

3. Start up the infected phone, the application menu should work now

4. Go to application manager and uninstall the SIS file in which you installed the locknut variant

5. Download F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus to remove any Cabirs dropped by the Locknut variant

6. Remove the F-Locknut with application manager as the phone is now cleaned