TIC SpamFilter

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Catégorie: Anti-Spam
Editeur: Itic Software Inc.
Version: 2.5 beta 2

Configuration minimale: Windows NT/95/98/2000/ME/XP

Licence: Shareware (Evaluation)
Langue: LANGUE

Taille: 2.3 Mo

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Descriptif VirusTraQ:

Comme son nom l'indique, ce logiciel permet de se débarasser des courriels indésirables. Il vérifie automatiquement vos comptes de courriel, marque ou efface les messages non voulus et vous avertit quand vous recevez des messages.

Descriptif éditeur:

ITIC Spam Filter is a high-performance and easy-operating program. It automatically checks your e-mail accounts, marks or deletes unwanted items and notifies you when new mail arrives. ITIC SpamFilter uses the scoring system. Every message after smart checking has a definite number of points. Results of smart checking (score) you can see in the end of message header (for this you should use Header tab). By using Level of checking messages function you can define the number of points. If message has the same number of points or more, it will be detected as a spam.